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Welcome to the Record Swap

What is Record Swap

Lots of people have spoken to me or emailed me wishing that there was a place they could go to trade off some of their less valuable records. So I decided to create this site.

Please do not use this site to sell your records. There are plenty of auction and classified ads sites out on the net already. I'm providing this site free of cost to members for as long as I can, so please do not take advantage of the free listings for commercial purposes.

How it works

You can browse the want or available lists, or search for recordings you're looking for. Once you have found a recording you're interested in or a want ad for something you have to trade, open it's detail page by clicking on it's title. If you're still interested, click on the "Contact Member" link. This will send an email directly to the member, along with a short note from you.

You are responsible for setting up and completing your own trades. The owner, operator, or host of this site can not be held responsible for the outcome of any swaps, nor the accuracy of any listing. Please send any questions you might have about a listing to the member who listed it.

It is the responsibility of the members to make sure your listings are accurate and honest. The owners, operators, or hosts of this site are under no obligation to take any action against members who are accused of less than honest dealings. However, you may register a complaint to the webmaster of this site if you feel there has been some impropriety. Complaints registered against a member may may result in no action, warnings, suspension or cancellation of a member's privleges, soley at the discretion of the site's owners and operators.

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