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Audionote  Looks like they took over the old Voyd designs
Basis  US Distributor, Musical Surroundings, has not only tables, but other analog goodies
Clearaudio  You've got to see these turntables.
Denon  High mass, direct drive entry level tables. I used to own one
Dual  German home page
ELP Laser Turntable  If you're serious, they'll fly out and demo one in your home!
Forsell  The Famous Air-Force line.
Goldmund  Makers of the famous Goldmund Reference
Kuzma  Home of the Stabi
Linn  The world famous Linn Sondek LP1
Michell  Official Michell website, home of the Orb and Gyrodek
NAD  Nice inexpensive but competent turntable
Oracle Audio  The Delphi is not only one of the finest tables, but it's a work of art!
Pink Triangle  Looks like a new site under construction
Roksan  Home of Xerxes, a classic table
Rotel  Budget minded table, good entry level choice
Simon Yorke Designs  A rather basic site, but with some extraordinary tables. Famous for use in the Library Of Congress
SME  Official home page of SME, makers of some of the best arms and tables in the wold.
Sumiko Pro-ject  Official Sumiko website
Technics  Mostly DJ tables, but they help keep the album presses running.
Thorens  Classic German design, great range of entry level tables
Well Tempered Labs  Innovative designs, odd bearings, great tables.
Wilson Benesch  You'll find some interesting tables, as well as arms and cartridges here
Immedia  Maker of the RPM tables, and the new Revolution

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