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List of Recommended RCA LSPís

By Robert Cohen

Begun 12/8/98
Last Updated: 12/3/2005 11:36:00 AM
I have been thinking about doing this for some time, and was finally inspired by a thread on my favorite E-mail list.
In addition to recommendations from E-mail list members, I have used Roger Gordonís ďSearch for the Black GoldĒ, the Canfield Guide, and the Goldmine Price Guides as references. Only a few of the records on the list are my own personal recommendations, as I have only a small LSP collection (which I hope to rectify over the next couple of yard sale seasons).
The RCA LSP (Long-Playing Stereo Popular) series ran from LSP-1000 to approximately LSP-4800 (there donít appear to be any LSPís between LSP-1002 and LSP-1400). The Dynagrooves kicked in pretty seriously around LSP-2700, so I have arbitrarily decided that LSP-2700 is the cut-off number for this list, although I may expand this to LSP-3000 at some point. The higher numbers would be another project entirely. Also, in the spirit of consistency, I have included no LSOís, or Camden CASís. The LSOís ( Long-Playing Stereo Original Casts) would also be an entirely different project.
For a record to be included on this list, it must meet Roger Gordonís criterion of ďLPís that have above average sound and/or performanceĒ (with the exception of a few very interesting novelty albums thrown in). I think this criterion will be more valid as the list evolves.
There seems to be some consensus that the engineer and recording venue are highly correlated with the sound quality of the LSPís (as they are with the classical LSCís), so I am including Engineer and Recording Venue if available. There are lots of blanks here, so I need your help to fill them in. If you have the record, and the information is on the jacket, or you know this information from some other source, please E-mail it to me.
Also, Iíd like to keep adding to this list until it is somewhat definitive, so please E-mail me with your additions. If you feel strongly that a particular recording doesnít belong on the list, please let me know, but give me a good reason. Finally, there are no doubt numerous errors in this draft. If you see one, please let me know.
The following members of Phonogram, the record collectors e-mail forum, have made important contributions to this list: Tony Almeida, Fred Dalrymple, Dennis Davis, Richard Foster, Hans Froling, Phil Hargis, Chaz Jenkins, Roy Massey and Robert Merker.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Email Bob at with any additional comments, corrections, or additions.

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