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Below are the various archive files. They are grouped into batches of 100, from 2 volumes of the archive. Download these into one of your directories, and unzip them. You can view them as text files (but they are kind of big), or you can download the above program and use the import function to store them in the searchable database.
I've written a visual basic program that will import the text files into a database that will allow searches on just about anything you might want. Download it to a temporary directory and run it from within Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.x. . It'll extract a bunch of files, and when it's done, run the file SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions. Good luck, Jim, this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.....
Click here to download the Analogue Addicts Archive Viewer Size 4.4 meg.
If you want to see other features, have any comments, or want to report (heaven forbid) any bugs, E-mail me!
Volume 1 digests 1-99 Size: 325K
Volume 1 digests 100-199 Size: 350K
Volume 1 digests 200-299 Size: 589K
Volume 1 Digests 300 and up Size: 647K
Volume 2 Digests 1-99 Size: 998K
Volume 2 Digests 100-199 Size: 525K
Volume 2 digests 200-299 Size: 525K
Volume 2 digests 300-399 Size: 658K
Volume 2 Digests 400-499 Size: 580K
More to come as we make 'em.More to come as we make 'em.

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