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What's an Analogue Addict you may ask?
The simple answer is that we are members of an internet mailing list dedicated to getting the absolute best out of our home audio systems and strive to recreate the illusion of a live musical performance in our homes (or at least get the most out of every recording). And we all feel that one of the key components involved in this is a record playing system.
Here's the not-so-simple answer. Looking in from the outside (digital) world, we're throwbacks to a bygone era where vinyl was king and digital was for computers. We appear to be dinosaurs waiting for extinction, and to some extent mystics, treating our records and styli with magic solutions, setting up our turntables by the light of the full moon, complete with incantations.
Looking at us from the inside, we're a group of really cool dudes who are first and foremost interested in realistic music reproduction in our homes. Most of us feel that the best way to achieve this goal is with a well designed, properly set up record playing system. There's something about analog that just makes music, whereas digital just seems to reproduce sound.
We help each other get the best out of our vinyl playback systems, discuss equipment issues, recommend music (mostly on vinyl), and discuss just about anything you can think of that relates to reproducing music on vinyl. We have fun doing it, and it shows.
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Enough of the small talk, take me to...
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Why do I stick with Viny?
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Note from the Author
Hi there. Thanks for visiting the archive site. I've changed hosts, and am starting to give the site some new looks. I'm also starting up The VinylZone, a site dedicated to Analog Audio Reproduction. It's under heavy construction right now, but I hope to have more interesting stuff up there soon. So, if you have any comments or questions, E-mail me!

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